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For New Business

  1. The applicant/taxpayer submits a duly accomplished and notarized business permit application form together with the required documents to the designated officer-of-the-day at the Business Permits and Licensing Office, after which the application form undergoes verification at the EDP Section and Records Section of said Office.

  2. After verification, the applicant/taxpayer is advised to secure a Zoning Clearance from the City Planning and Development Office. Exempted from obtaining the said clearance are businesses located at any of the following shopping malls:

    • SM Megamall
    • Shangri-La Plaza Mall
    • The Podium
    • St. Francis Square
    • Starmall
    • Robinson's Place Pioneer
    • Edsa Central Pavillion
    • The Marketplace (mall)

  3. After a Zoning Clearance has been obtained, the applicant/taxpayer is instructed to endorse the application form to the Engineering Department for assessment of the prescribed regulatory fees.

  4. Businesses requiring Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) such as manufacturers, gasoline stations, warehouses, etc., as well as eateries and restaurants, night clubs, beer gardens, cocktail lounges etc., are advised to have their application forms registered and stamped at the City Health Office.

  5. Businesses classified as strictly regulated such as entertainment, amusement and/or gaming establishments (nightclubs, beerhouses, bar & videokes, OTB's, computer rentals, internet café, billiards and similar establishments) are required to submit a duly notarized Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) approved by both the license chief and the Task Force Anti-Vice. Businesses requiring permit and/or clearance from other government offices and agencies should attach a clear copy of the same to the application form.

  6. After assessment by the Engineering Department, the taxpayer applicant shall bring back the application form to the Business Permits and Licensing Office for assessment of the corresponding taxes and fees by the designated licensing officer who thereafter affixes his signature as the assessor.

  7. The application form is forwarded to the assigned examiner who reviews the assessment and checks the accompanying documents therein and then affixes his signature if found to be in order.

  8. Thereafter, the application form is brought to the Assistant Chief of BPLD Chief for final review and approval.

  9. After approval, the application form is transmitted to the EDP Section for billing of the Tax Order of Payment (TOP).

  10. After the encoding of the TOP, the applicant/taxpayer is instructed to obtain a separate order of payment (for the fire fee assessment) from the Fire Department, and to pay it separately with the remaining net payable (as indicated in the TOP) at the City Treasurer's Office.

  11. The applicant/taxpayer goes back to this office and presents the paid TOP together with the corresponding Official Receipts (original copies) of both the fire fee and business permit payments to the Records Section to claim the computerized Mayor's Permit for approval by the BPLD Chief.

  12. Thereafter, the applicant/taxpayer is advised to claim the license plate and sticker.

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